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And savor ‘A Pizza at your leisure

‘A Pizza is the brainchild of Maurizio Ramirez, his passion for Mediterranean cuisine and his desire to export the culinary excellence of Campania in general and the Neapolitan pizza in particular, as it is prepared by our Master Pizza Makers.

This goal has been achieved through the innovative system of cryogenics, thanks to which a freshly baked pizza still steaming from the oven is flash frozen, a process that in just a few minutes takes it from a temperature of 90°C to -20°C.

In this manner ‘A Pizza brings to your home, unaltered, all the fragrance, scents and unmistakable taste of the True Neapolitan Pizza.

You can buy your favourite pizza on line  and keep it in your freezer so that it’s always available when you want it… ready to be re-awakened in your oven in just 10 minutes so that you can enjoy it whenever you wish.

How was ‘A Pizza born?

The first experiments in making this totally new product were carried out, thanks to the skilful work and valuable advice of Master Pizza Maker Nino, using a small wood burning oven in the Ramirez back yard and a blast chiller found in their garage.

After countless tests, scrupulous research to find the best raw materials and careful study of the innovative technique of cryogenics the concept of ‘A Pizza slowly began to take shape.

Following a meeting with Guido Freda, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the realm of food, and thanks to their combined passion and professionalism, the concept became more structured and concrete, evolving into an innovative business plan.

Guido Freda - Maurizio Ramirez

The philosophy of 'A Pizza

our values

The philosophy of ‘A Pizza is based on five fundamental pillars that epitomize our cardinal values:

1) Craftsmanship

Our pizza is prepared entirely by Neapolitan Pizza Masters according to the ancient art of pizza making: after undergoing a lengthy period of leavening the dough is kneaded and rolled by hand to a thickness of just a few millimetres and cooked in a wood burning oven for no more than 90 seconds.

2) Quality

We searched for the best raw materials to be found in our territory, all natural ingredients chosen with a single goal: To offer you the best!

3) Genuineness

In order to provide you with a quality product we use only natural ingredients, without preservatives, additives or flavourings.

4) Tradition

Each Pizza is prepared according to the original recipe created by Pizzaiuolo Raffaele Esposito in 1889 to pay homage to the visit of Queen Margherita di Savoia.

5) Innovation

The unique flavour of our pizzas derives from a combination of the traditional recipe and the innovative cryogenic process used. This advanced technology allows the pizza to fall into a light and restful sleep in Naples and – thanks to our special Frozen Packaging – to awaken “in your home”, ready to be savoured with all its flavours and aromas.


We are looking for motivated people to undertake a long-lasting partnership.

We’re not looking for investors, but for motivated, innovative, tenacious, operational and personally involved entrepreneurs.

For more information write to: info@apizza.it